Our story

We are The unbelievable machine company GmbH (*um), a full-service provider for big data, cloud services and managed hosting. We are pioneers in the holistic consulting, planning and realization of entire digital projects of the 21st century. “From idea to cable”, we cover the whole range. Our promise to clients: to offer tailor-made solutions, customized services and personal support. Our objective: to provide the brains and state-of-the-art technology to help you gain your own competitive advantages.

What sets us apart

We think ahead while others think things over. In Germany we have been pioneers in cloud computing since 2008 and in big data since 2011.

We create competitive advantages. As experts with passion, skill and intelligence, we develop precise solutions for the individual business requirements of our clients. We reduce complex problems thanks to new ways of thinking and acting coupled with new, powerful technologies.

We are different – and this is positive. We are technology freaks and are also able to solve the most difficult of strategic challenges in business. We act quickly but still make sure to pay attention to every little detail. We do not wear suits, and despite that – or maybe because of that – we are highly professional. That is why we can achieve extraordinarily good results for you.

We guide companies into the technological future. You too can benefit from our knowledge and experience in all facets of modern cloud computing. Work with us to seize the opportunities presented by big data and data science. Discover how our sustainable technology applications can lead your company to success.

*um – we create market leaders

Our Values!