The optim*um service

  • Consulting during all stages of IT transition projects
    • Requirement & readiness assessments
    • Vision and roadmap building
    • Selecting suitable cloud strategies
    • Transforming individual applications into the cloud
  • Architecture of hybrid cloud or multicloud application platforms
  • Preparing and implementing security audits and certificates
  • Providing support during all stages of automation, including implementation
  • Or put simply: strengthening your team with our experts

What makes *um better?

*um has the best experts in the market. We have dedicated ourselves to the newest technologies and we work for the most exciting clients around. This makes us a very attractive employer for all IT nerds, and our attractive employer brand (“Great Place To Work”) also indirectly helps our clients.

We not only offer comprehensive advice on the newest technologies, but also take on full responsibility when it comes to operation. We possess expertise and experience way exceeding standard consultancy.

We may well be technology freaks, but we also understand the challenges of the business world. We do not see IT as an end in itself; we use it to solve the specific problems of our clients.

How can we help you? Let us know!