The optim*um service

  • Planning and establishing new business IT infrastructures (transitioning)
  • Cross-cloud architectures
  • Managed services for infrastructure
  • Application management for Internet or big data technology stacks
  • Consulting for establishing and operating Internet or big data platforms

What makes *um better?

Our scalable, unique teams consist of the best experts in their respective domains.

Each client is supported by a dedicated team, which possesses all the necessary competences to support the client’s project during every stage – from the very beginning right through to live operation.

We work in very close cooperation with clients. All our system engineers and system architects work and communicate directly with their clients. They are committed, take their responsibilities seriously and invest their heart and soul into each project.

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Managed Service

Consulting, conception, transition, implementation, operation and 24/7 service for hosting and cloud computing – all from a single source.

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Managed Services für AWS und Azure

Planning, installation and management for AWS and Azure as well as hybrid cloud architectures

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Managed Hadoop

Planning, installation and management of Hadoop clusters with 24/7 support

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Application Management

Providing configured applications and comprehensive support of Internet and cloud applications.

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Consulting, conception, planning and analysis of datacenter projects and cloud projects, automations and process optimizations, security and much more

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