Private Enterprise Cloud

The optim*um service

  • Private enterprise cloud allow companies to combine the common scalability and flexibility of a cloud with high customization
  • *umCloud
    • Our enterprise cloud platform, located in Berlin and Frankfurt
    • Can be combined with traditional, dedicated managed hosting using our *umCloudConnect
    • Bookable dedicated hypervisors
    • Real SLAs on an enterprise level
    • German data protection and auditable platform
  • Private enterprise cloud
    • Dedicated cloud platform for each client
    • High customization
    • Based on VMware and Azure Stack

What makes *um better?

In 2009 *um became the first German company to offer comprehensive cloud services, including its own cloud. The *umCloud is now in its third version.

The hybrid approach makes it possible to combine the advantages of traditional hosting and cloud services in a short space of time. There are still applications that do not scale well horizontally, but we can implement them on dedicated high-end servers and combine them directly with scalable services in the cloud.

We believe variety is important. We are not chained to any brands or platforms, meaning we can help our clients establish complex solutions – always with consideration of your specific requirements in terms of scalability, stability and costs at the forefront of our minds.

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