Dedicated Hosting

The optim*um service

  • Traditional hosting with dedicated servers, storage and network
  • Carrier-neutral colocation services
    • Longstanding partnership with European market leaders in physical datacenter spaces: e-shelter (Berlin & Frankfurt) and Equinix (Amsterdam)
    • Providing racks and dedicated cages or suites
    • Remote hands
  • Providing IP traffic – via our own autonomous system (AS) – or an operated client AS
  • High-performance transport network between all datacenter locations

What makes *um better?

When it comes to colocation, the key is in the quality of the implementation. At *um all datacenters spaces are classified at Level III++ or Level IV. IPv6 is standard in all environments.

We make it possible for companies to establish and operate their own autonomous systems. In addition, for each client we create fully customized solution concepts to meet multi-cage or multi-site requirements, as well as back-up or redundancy concepts with global server load balancing and/or anycast operation.

It is also possible to set up network connections via AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute.

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