Shape your future

– and the future of our customers, too

We are *um. We don’t wear suits and ties but we’re experts with passion, skill and intelligence. Highly professional and always a bit different from the norm. That’s why we create extraordinarily good solutions for the individual challenges our customers face. What are our passions? Data science and cloud services.

We’re looking to strengthen our unbelievable team. If you share our values and can bring that ‘’something extra’’, then we look forward to your application.

A first-class team of experts and the latest technologies, we work on innovative projects for prestigious customers. It doesn’t get any better than this.

- Ravin Mehta, CEO and founder Go to the job vacancies FAQs for applicants

How can I apply to work at *um?

The application process is very straight-forward. On our applicant management system you can find all of our vacancies and submit your application. We don’t accept any applications via email. If we do receive your application documents via email, we’ll reply to request that you submit them using our application management system.

How can I convince you I’m the right person for the job?

Tell us about yourself. Show us what motivates you. Make it clear why you want to work with us and why your qualifications are right for the role. Also, please let us know what “‘something extra’’ you can bring to our team.

I’ve submitted my application. What now?

As soon as we receive your application we’ll send you a confirmation email. Your documents will then be assessed by the HR department and our experts. If you seem to be a good fit for the role, we’ll invite you to a first interview. It’s possible that we’ll arrange a telephone interview before the first interview, in order to clarify any technical or other queries about your application.

What should I wear to the interview?

We don’t have a dress code, so choose an outfit which will show us who you are. As written on our website, we don’t wear suits and ties but we’re still highly professional. We’d expect the same of you.

Does *um welcome speculative applications?

Definitely! If a job vacancy that fits your profile is not currently being advertised, there’s still a chance that you have exactly what we need. Most important for us is that in your speculative application you’re clear about which areas are your passions and which specialized skills you would bring. Be as specific as possible. You can submit your prospective application here.

Who are we looking for? People who are enthusiastic, genuine, curious and willing to learn.

- Caroline Hahn, HR Manager What you can expect at *um Competent colleagues Cool projects Prestigious customers Steep learning curve Informal culture Plenty of creative opportunities Flexible working hours Nice little extras

Be self-motivated and independent. Feel free to think outside the box – and let’s work together as a team to find the best solutions.

- Klaas Bollhöfer, Chief Data Scientist Where we are

Our office is located in the Charlottenburg district at Grolmanstraße 40. Right in the heart of Berlin life, between Savignyplatz and Kurfürstendamm, and easy to reach with the bus, city train and subway.


All roads lead to our office. At least in Frankfurt. It is located directly at the main station and thus on several S- and U-Bahn lines. The city center can be reached from there as well as the beautiful Mainufer. Why I like working at *UM? Because it is not stiff here, the colleagues are sympathetic and there are always new exciting tasks.


Our office in Vienna is located at the Museumsquartier, Museumsplatz 1. Surrounded by culture and modern art, between Spittelberg and Naschmarkt. Direct to reach by metro and tram.

Why do I enjoy working at *um? Because it’s not restrictive, my colleagues are friendly and there are always new, exciting tasks.

- Moritz Naumann, Web Operations System Engineer Go to the vacancies