Ideation & Scoping

The optim*um service

  • Identifying business use cases through ideation & scoping workshops
  • Led by an experienced data scientist
  • Introducing big data, data science, artificial intelligence
  • Presenting our approach and specific use cases
  • Checking feasibility, business value and expenditure
  • Providing support in the conception of existing data problems and the selection of suitable technologies
  • Looking at potential data sources and checking applicability
  • Formulating specific objectives and defining fulfilment criteria (KPIs) in order to be able to measure the success of the project
  • Written summary of the results of the workshop as a foundation for possible proofs of concept (PoC)

What makes *um better?

We understand all facets of a data project and can therefore guide our clients from the idea through to the finished data product. We support them in improving their own competences in the areas of big data and data science. We are independent of any technologies and products and choose the best and most practical technologies for each specific client.

Our Big Data Team possesses extensive sector-spanning experience in the fields of data science and machine learning. With a mix of mathematicians, psychologists, physicists and computer scientists, the team is able to examine the various facets of a data problem from a wide range of angles. We stay on the cutting edge of research and do not shy away from technical innovations.

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Data Thinking

In order to successfully accomplish digital development and develop a customized strategy for their own specific challenges, companies need modern ways of thinking and acting. We call it Data Thinking.

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