Computer Vision

The optim*um service

  • Computer vision is all about teaching robots or computers to see
  • Object detection and segmentation, optical character recognition (OCR) and facial recognition
  • When analyzing image data, in practice the focus is on understanding the content of the image
  • In the context of data science, computer vision encompasses various algorithms for image processing

What makes *um better?

Depending on the use case and the data situation, we can provide our clients with powerful pre-trained neural networks, for example from Google or Facebook. With sufficient data we can also develop and train very specific networks for our clients. We can implement computer vision concepts for static problems such as photo analysis, as well as for dynamic problems such as video analysis. We are also able to help to establish suitable datasets.

Our Data Science Team possesses extensive sector-spanning experience in the field of artificial intelligence. With a mix of mathematicians, psychologists, physicists and computer scientists, the team is able to examine the various facets of a data problem from a wide range of angles. We stay on the cutting edge of research and do not shy away from technical innovations.

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