Data Thinking

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic” – Peter F. Drucker

The optim*um service

The Data Leadership Process Model (*umDLPM) – Established support and guidance in the areas of data, algorithms, compute & mindset. A navigation aid for companies’ digital development.


  • Identification and internalization of factors – e.g. developments, challenges, trends – outside of the organization
  • Creation of prototypes, proofs of concept and data use cases
  • Development to create real product and data solutions
  • Holistic understanding and assessment of process chains
  • Implementation of fundamental abilities and resources within the organization

What makes *um better?

We have developed our excellent Data Science Process Model, which is a guide for realizing big data projects and has been acknowledged by Gartner, into a comprehensive, holistic process model that integrates all organizational and strategic aspects. The Data Leadership Process Model (*umDLPM) structures the complete process of thinking, planning and implementing successful data projects into clearly defined stages – from fundamental thinking to the Data Enterprise stage, which propels companies to take the lead in their digital future rather than to simply react to the market and the competition.

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