IoT & Industrie 4.0 – End-2-End

The optim*um service

  • From consulting to implementing – end-to-end IT services for IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Machine-to-machine & connected devices
  • Analyzing sensor data with the use of machine learning processes and detecting data patterns for production facilities or connected devices, for example
  • Forecasting future behaviors, detecting anomalies and installing early warning systems
  • In the context of IoT in particular, it is important to consider the limited availability of resources such as energy, storage space and transmission bandwidth
  • We can provide the infrastructure either on-premise or remotely, for example on highly powerful and scalable cloud systems such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Application areas include in the optimization and monitoring of production processes

What makes *um better?

We help our clients to firstly identify suitable use cases from the context of Industry 4.0 and IoT before implementing them in accordance with their own requirements. From data analysis to model development to implementing into production, we offer everything from a single source. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of data and technology we can help companies to improve their sensor concepts in order to draft new services for their customers, for example. Our tight-knit combination of data engineering, data science and operations plays an important role in providing our great service.

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