Cloud Native Applications

The optim*um service

  • Software and cloud applications developed specifically for the cloud
  • The fundamental architecture is based on loosely linked cloud services, also called microservices
  • The tasks of the application are split into three separate services which enable parallel processing. This makes the application extremely robust and scalable.
  • The infrastructure is essentially in three layers (scheduler, orchestrator and microservice) and is supplemented by additional services such as logging and tracing.
  • Application areas include e-commerce, portals and data visualization

What makes *um better?

We offer the full package: conception, design and realization of microservices as well as operation of the application – all from a single source. The microservices are realized and deployed by us in containers such as Docker. There are defined interfaces between the services and each is scalable independently. We can develop the applications in a range of programming languages to meet the specific requirements of the client.

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